When the Enemy Disrupts: How Will You Respond?

In my previous post I talked about the family unity that has prevailed in spite of being quarantined in small quarters. Often times, when we speak truth and encouragement in faith…the devil will try to test it. And that he did…

Last week Sapphire came to me in tears, face completely defeated and broken.  I tossed my laptop on the couch and cradled my baby on my lap. She’d just had a conversation with her father.  Seems like the financial pressures and his job being furloughed got to him. He allowed his temper to get out of control and he yelled at her. Sapphire said he made her feel like his situation was all her fault because she’s always asking for things. Well, she’s 13 yrs old…she’s always asking for the next best thing. At this age she is not in a place to know when to ask for things (or not). Nor is she at a level of maturity to deceiver responsibility and not accept someone’s issues as her own. So she cried, long and hard, because she’d messed up everything with no way to fix it. I know this was an attach of the enemy because usually her father is on her side and wouldn’t make her feel bad. But the devil will use anything to stir up a fight.

I wanted to call and curse my ex-husband out!! Make him feel as low as he made my baby feel. But instead, I rocked her in my lap. I dried her tears and reminded her of a few things. Number one, her dad lives 1000 miles away and cannot take anything. And two, if he was close enough to try, our Texas family wouldn’t allow him access to us. Then we talked about who her Heavenly Father says she is…a blessing from God (Psalms 127:4), a child of the king (1 John 3:1), and that God knew her before she was born and has a plan for her life (Jeremiah 1:5).  I let her know that she’s not in the way and not too expensive. Reassured her that mom can take care of her needs because our Heavenly Father provides everything we need. We discussed the idea of resources we have to aid in our lifestyle vs the source: God who is sovereign and through him all blessings flow.  By the end of the conversation we both were laughing and wiping tears way.

Because the devil knows my trigger points and what can provoke me he created a conflict. This usually would have created a heated argument and that emotional push and pull with Sapphire in the middle.  But not this time. I took a step back and allowed God’s word to fight this spiritual battle. As I reassured Sapphire with scripture i definitely encouraged myself, too. I’ve learned this continued reassurance is the most effective way to combat the devil and heal a broken heart. This fight I took to the Lord in prayer instead of defending myself or Sapphire. The lord will fight this battle. 


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